Almost all soviet films

Here is my new dataviz app about Soviet films, produced in Russia between 1918 and 1991. Data from wikipedia, parsed with node.js script and then imported to google spreadsheet, from where it is loaded onto the page (click here to open and view spreadsheet). The table consists of more than 3500 film records. But the actual amount of all movies made in USSR is about 7500. So there are a lot more of minor films and of regional companies films, and also those films that have been produced for TV broadcasting, not for showing in the cinema.

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Each colored bar in the chart corresponds to a film. Bars are arranged vertically by years, color of the bar stands for a genre (orange — comedies, dark blue — drama, dark red — historical films and so on). The click on the bar opens new tab with wikipedia article about the film.

I had to make bars small, because later years consist of more than 100 films, and I tried to put all them in a single line. That’s why I made a gradient background for better visual separation of bars.

Another challenge was to distribute colors (in total 16)  in such a way that they would be different enough from each other. I don’t think my solution here is optimal, moreover, it’s rather far from optimal, and I think there most be some tools that generate colors for given number of entities on the map or on the similar charts.